Media Kit

Chris’s media kit, which includes his bio, a summary of Inner Productivity, Chris’s prior publications, and sample interview questions, can be downloaded here.


Excerpts from Chris’s “Transcending Procrastination” public talks are available here.

Radio Interviews

* Awaken To Your Spiritual Power with Auriella O’Neill, March 2011

* Seeing Beyond with Bonnie Coleen, January 2011

* Joy of Love and Life with Tambra Harck, August 2010

* Creating the Life You Love to Live with Bevin Lynch, June 2010

* Welcome Changes Radio with Velma Gallant, June 2010

* Good Vibrations Radio with Solarzar and Kyralani, May 2010

* Breaking Through With Georgiann, April 2010

* The M.A.P. Maker Podcast with Curt Rosengren, January 2010

* OfficeArrow’s Expert Advice for the Workplace, January 2010

* StrategyDriven Podcast with Nathan Ives, January 2010

* The Cranky Middle Manager Show with Wayne Turmel, November 2009

* Love By Intuition with Deborah Beauvais, November 2009

* Inside Personal Growth with Greg Voisen, October 2009

* Dresser After Dark with Michael Dresser, October 2009

* What We Need to Know with Ed Morler (Contact Talk Radio), July 2009

* Seeing Beyond with Bonnie Coleen, KEST 1450 AM in San Francisco, June 2009

Book Reviews

These are print and online reviews of the book.

Book Review of “Inner Productivity,” by Jennifer Meyskens of

OfficeArrow Book Club: Review of Inner Productivity, by Chrissy Scivicque of

Inner Productivity by Chris Edgar,” by Bob Walsh, author of The Web Startup Success Guide

Inner Productivity: A Mindful Path to Efficiency and Enjoyment in Your Work,” by Judy Clement Wall of

Inner Productivity: A Mindful Path to Efficiency and Enjoyment in Your Work,” by Patricia Hamilton of

“Learning Inner Productivity,” by Eva Wallace of ClutterControlFreak Blog

Inner Productivity by Chris Edgar – A Gem of an Excellent Book,” by singer/songwriter Jannie Funster

Inner Productivity by Chris Edgar,” by Tess Marshall, author of Flying by the Seat of My Soul

“Book Review: Inner Productivity,” by Ian Peatey of

“How to Be Productive and Still Be Kind to Yourself,” by Evan Hadkins of


These articles explain concepts and techniques related to finding productivity through mindfulness practice.

Why Craving “Results” Gets Us No Results (posted at The Change Blog)

How to Build a Longer Attention Span (posted at The Change Blog)

Productivity and Owning Our Shadow (posted at The Change Blog)

Letting Go of Your Ego at Work (posted at The Change Blog)

Procrastination and the Art of Allowing (posted at The Change Blog)

The Yoga of Productivity (posted at Urban Monk)

3 Ways Your Breathing Can Improve Your Productivity (posted at The Change Blog)

Inner Productivity and Startup Businesses (posted at 47Hats)

A Spiritual Solution to Writer’s Block (posted at Explore Your Spirit)

How Getting Used To Silence Can Help Your Productivity (posted at The Change Blog)

3 Keys To Developing Inner Productivity (posted at The Change Blog)

Reuniting “Work” and “Life”

Listening to Ourselves

Some Exercises for Self-Listening